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Anahata is representative of the Heart Chakra, one of seven energy centers within the body, and this is exactly where our instruction comes from - our hearts!  We believe there is no wrong reason to practice yoga - so whether your are here to work out or work within, we would be honored to guide you!  Our objective here is to accommodate clientele coming from a variety of yoga backgrounds, who may have a variety of purposes for practicing yoga: from the practitioner who makes yoga their fitness focus, to individuals who like to combine several different fitness disciplines, as well as beginners to fitness and yoga alike.  For this reason, we offer an extensive yoga class schedule with a variety of yoga styles.  Class choices vary in length from 60-90 minutes and in temperatures from non-heated (75°) to heated (90-105°).  You'll find a variety of instructors, each with their own unique style that may integrate mental, emotional and spiritual philosophies along with emphasis on alignment and technique in the postures to make for a well-rounded class.  Our instructor team is diversified in their training styles and lifestyles, we are certain you'll connect on some level with each one!


Tawny Carroll, Instructor & Studio Manager

Heidi Gomez, Instructor

Sean Lang, Instructor

Jessica Morales, Instructor

Heather Redmond, Instructor

Kathy Robison, Instructor

Marge Cherry, Instructor

Pierre Couvillion, Instructor and Yoga Teacher Trainer

Breanne Linnen, Instructor